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awareness of its brand and to grow it.  We gained a lot of respect for entrepreneurs during those years, and we didn’t always have it easy! But our business was our dream, so we kept on
Now another dream is coming true – our business is successful enough for us to be in a position to help good organizations that are struggling to save animals in need!
Even though Allie is no longer on this earth, we wanted her to be the face of this new dream-come-true as well -- so we named this foundation after her. She’ll be with us again as we work just as hard to achieve the foundation’s mission!
The organizations we seek to help are ones that will be determined, as well. They will have the boots on the ground, rescuing and sheltering these animals from the cold and rain; from abuse; from abandonment; from hunger; from illness and injury; and from loneliness.
We support these dedicated organizations with money they need to carry on their work. We appreciate your assistance!

Who We Are and What We Do


  • The Allie Foundation is once again getting ready to disburse funds to worthwhile organizations that help abused and neglected animals.

Sponsor Companies

To assist and support qualifying, vetted charitable organizations in their efforts to care for abused and neglected animals, both domesticated and wild, through gifts and grants.  Funds will be primarily raised on 3 fronts, a grassroots effort to secure donations from individuals via the foundation website and donation requests on the websites of the founding sponsor companies; Direct donations from a portion of the sales of the founding sponsor companies; and direct fund raising from larger donors, both individuals and companies.

The Allie Foundation is a public charity that raises money in three ways: From donations through its sponsoring companies, Cat-in-the-bag Co. and StarShine Soaps and Sundries; yearly fundraising events; and private donors, big and small. Those donations are then dispersed to organizations that help abused and neglected animals, through gifts and grants.
Allie was a Calico cat who spent 17 years as a beloved family member and business partner to the Cat-in-the-bag team. Cat-in-the-bag Co., the founding company of The Allie Foundation, is a family business near Pittsburgh, Pa., which designed and markets the Cat-in-the-bag Cozy Comfort bag-style cat carrier.

For 17 years, Allie was the mascot and symbol

of the business as we worked to build